Mark Beckemeyer
7165 Pawnee
Steedman, MO 65077

About Buckobecks

Buckobecks is a guy in the back room of his house in the Missouri Ozarks.

Here at Buckobecks we sell (and give away) original Missouri wildlife photography as well as slick vector graphics. We're also a devout Xara user and fan so click on one of the links and check out this sweet program. You can try it free for 30 days and you will probably love it!

I am also interested in digital art, digital photography, gif's, and assorted other website ornaments. My website gives me the opportunity to display my work and share it with others.

What to look for

You never know what might turn up at Buckobecks. Right now there are wildlife wallpapers, seamless tiles, and animated gif's available for download. There are also links to some stellar free programs from other sites, as well as examples of, and links to, some of the programs I have purchased and found to be worth the money. You can also find Missouri wildlife photographs and information.

The book Phantasmagoria

Phantasmagoria. An awesome book chock full of glorious color wildlife photography and information, as well as true and fictional short stories, prose, and artwork. Too rich for your blood? Head on over to Zazzle and buy some postcards so I can support this website.

Prose and short stories

All of the prose and short stories you find at Buckobecks were written by myself. I don't know if that is good or bad, but if you like any of it you can find even more on my blog or (hey have I mentioned LOL) my book, Beckemeyers Phantasmagoria.


I mainly provide information and free stuff. However, if you see anything you like while poking around Buckobecks and are interest in hiring me give me a holler and we will see if we can work something out. I do hock a few wares here (See below).

Stuff to buy!

The book Phantasmagoria of course. I also sell calenders, t-shirts, and postcards at Zazzle, there's a link to both of them on the main page.



Buckobecks now has a new official logo. Many of you are probably use to seeing the original One, if not here it is.

The new one is the Buckobeck butterfly with a long tail and short tail variety. You can see the long tail example in the upper left hand corner of this page. Change is good, therefore we will be bidding a fond farewell to the old Buckobecks skull logo. So goodbye scary skull logo and welcome to the new, and more inviteting, butterfly logo.

BBN - Buckobecks News

Whats new at Buckobecks.

Right now I am busy with updating the website, adding new animals to Buckobecks Wildlife, and trying to find the time to make more seamless tiles, animated gifs, and wallpaper for you to download. Not to mention finding cool new FREE programs to add to the list. I am also working on a series of digital art called "Living Little Dead Girls". The first in the series should soon be available as wallpaper. Look for them to appear any time now.

Be sure and look at the new blog, there you can be the first to see all of the newest wildlife images.

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