Create awesome effects in a snap. Create crisp graphics. Use the brush tool to form interesting shapes. Morph shapes with the blend tool. Use the text tool for precision placement such as putting text on a curve. Create custom logos. Design fully customizable websites. To show you the versatility of the program this entire webpage was made using Xara.  What I presented here is of course just a small sample of what you could create. There are some examples on the Xara website that show you the amazing photo realistic effects that can be achieved. You could pay hundreds of dollars for a  "top-of-the-line" illustration program, but I see no need to when you can purchase a well rounded, featured loaded program like this for 299 bucks. You can't go wrong with this one folks. Zip on over to Xara's website and download your free 30 day trial and see for yourself just what this bad boy can do. I think you'll be sold once you try it. I have had this beauty for about 2 years at this posting and I am still discovering new things to do with it. CLICK ON IMAGE TO ENLARGE OR USE.